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In Home

Before we start decluttering, we will figure out your needs and goals. I'll assess your space and we'll choose which package will be best for you.


$90 as a deposit on any bundle in the "Release" package at the end of the session. 

$90 for 90 minutes 

In Home | Virtual | *Required First Step


If you are unsure if our services are for you, or just want more information, schedule a free 15 minute virtual chat! Phone call or zoom it's up to you.


A great option if you are interested in either in-home or virtual sessions.



In Home

Release packages

1 Session

"My space is a little messy."


Single organizing session

after an assessment


Total of 3 hours in-home


Great for closets, small bathrooms, dressers, or pantries.

4 Sessions

"This space is stressing me out."


4 organizing sessions

after an assessment


Total of 12 hours in-home


Great for small bedrooms, children's rooms, or kitchens

8 Sessions

"I feel overwhelmed."


8 organizing sessions

after an assessment


Total of 24 hours in-home


Great for home offices, larger bedrooms, or 1-car garages.

14 Sessions

"I want a full transformation."


14 organizing sessions. plus 15% off additional initial sessions.


Total of 42 hours in-home


Great for multiple rooms, large garages, sheds, and more

$1065 save $55
$1990 save $210
$3240 save $580
Align Packages
Orange Theme Bouquet



"I can't get this done in a single session, and I want coaching through the whole process."


Four 75 minute online sessions


Total of 5 hours of coaching time. (Option of grouping sessions into one block of organizing time.)



"I'm committed to making a big lasting change in my home."


Twelve 75 minute online sessions


Total of 15 hours of coaching time, to be used over 12 weeks. *Once weekly recommended.



"I want a game-plan for 1-2 spots in my home"


Single 75 minute online session


Total of 75 minutes coaching time, plus session notes and a checklist.

$285 save $15
$810 save $90
Nourish package
Lotus Flower

Touch-up | For Returning Clients Only

"Something isn't working quite right."

"I need a little help tidying up!"


You save $20/hour


Up to 6 hours per session. For tidying and maintenance. Returning clients only.


$70 per hour
A la carte

“The place we live should be for the person we are becoming now – not for the person we have been in the past.”

-Marie Kondo

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