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Relaxing at Home


We will work together. I work alongside you, not for you. For organization to truly work, you need to be involved in the process. This way we can talk through the process together, and nothing will change without your permission. After all, this is not just about getting a tidier space, but about creating habits and positive change in you as well. 

We will go through your things. For most people, the best place to start in organizing is decluttering! I employ a LOVE mindset, that is, we will start by keeping the things you really love and value, and go from there. 

We will work at your pace.  These sessions are for you, so we will use the time together for whatever you need most, whether it be talking your way through a box of mementos, or learning a new way to fold t-shirts. That being said, some everyone moves at a different pace. A project that may take one person an hour might take another person 3 hours.

We will create an inspiring environment. What inspires you? Podcasts? Rap music? Dancing? Sunlight? Overhauling your space can be stressful at times, so we will use whatever sounds, smells, lights, and methods we can to remind you why you are doing this, and to make our sessions fun and enlightening. We will also work to create space for the difficult emotions that may come up. Shame has no place in our sessions.

This is a fully nonjudgemental space. To reach your goals, both in your home and in your life, we must start with self acceptance. I will never judge you for what your "before" picture looks like, and I encourage you to not judge yourself.


DO ask questions! If you need clarification, ask. We are here to make the space work for YOU.

DO track your habits in the week leading up to your session. This will help us to determine how to best organize your space. 

DO make sure other members of your household are on board with this undertaking. 

DO know that you are investing in yourself, and you are absolutely worth it!


DON'T clean or tidy your space beforehand. I can't fix a problem I can't see.

DON'T buy containers or organizers beforehand. This is one of our last steps.

DON'T expect your space to look like a youtube star's. This space is yours, and we are mainly working for functionality and tranquility.

DON'T panic! I know this is scary, but I promise that we can get through it together. 

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