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Women in tree pose on top of a mountain at sunset


I'm Amanda - a classical singer and organization coach based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Five years ago, I drove from my university in Boston to a yoga retreat center in upstate New York in an attempt to revive my deteriorating mental health. In the comfort of the acres of trees and flowers, I dove into the study of yoga’s philosophy and eventually got my 200hr teaching certificate from Angelic Activation Yoga School. Since then, my commitment to social justice drives me to continue exploring what it means to be yoga, and to bring spirituality to all aspects of life.


Meanwhile, I was exploring Marie Kondo’s tidying system and minimalism. With this information, I found that when I emphasized connection to my surroundings and only held on to things that genuinely added something to my life, my mental health drastically improved. As I implemented these new systems, I also gained time management skills and increased my overall sense of ease. 

After earning my bachelor's degree, I asked myself what I was meant to do with my life and what I have to contribute to the world around me. Eventually, the answer appeared and here I am, ready to listen and help you tackle the challenging process of decluttering and establishing a space that brings you joy.

ABOUT Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces was built upon the foundation that spirituality is not something you do, but rather something you are. Its only rule across practices is that it extends to all parts of you life; it does not only exist inside the confines of a church, a book of sacred test, or someone else's opinion. 

Throughout spiritual texts and practices, such as the yoga sutras of Patanjali, or the codes of Shintoism, there are little gems of wisdom as it relates to the spaces we inhabit: non-possessiveness or non-hoarding (as in the fifth Yama), possessions having souls/being gods in themselves (Shintoism), or simply put - being mindful in how we care for our possessions and spaces. Plus, it totally sucks to come home after a LONG day where nothing is certain, only to arrive in a space that increases your anxiety instead of one that feels like an oasis.

Our physical space and our possessions are extensions of self. I am here to help you uncover your priorities, understand your aesthetics and desires, and to create a long-lasting tidying and organizational system that frees up your mind and your time, so that  you can spend more of your life in a state of ease

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